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Welcome To Switch Gear Auto

Switch gear Auto offers hassle-free vehicle financing, no matter your credit score.

Apply online with us and we’ll connect you with a nearby dealership, ensuring you only see pre-approved vehicle options with the best rates based on your situation. Say goodbye to endless searches.

What kind of Vehicle are you in search of?






SUVs & Crossovers


Purchasing a Vehicle

 An enhanced and more enjoyable car-buying journey.

Save yourself the trip

Eliminate the need to travel between dealerships and searching for vehicles without certainty about approval. We secure your pre-approval upfront, giving you the confidence to shop within your budget.

Avoid fear of rejection

We already face enough anxiety when it comes to rejection in the dating scene. Let's not add another source of stress to the list. Discovering a car you adore, only to realize you can't secure a loan for it, can be incredibly frustrating. By obtaining pre-approval in advance, we can eliminate all the stress from your car shopping experience.

All Credit Welcome!

Our extensive network of partner dealerships across the country offers specialized financing options. This means that no matter your current credit status, we are confident in our ability to assist you in finding a car you'll cherish.

Purchasing a Vehicle - The Process

Get Pre-Approved

Pre-Approval Application Fill out our quick online form to find out your pre-approved amount in minutes.

Browse Affordable Vehicles

We will connect you with a nearby dealership that will present you with cars you're already eligible for, streamlining the process and alleviating any stress.

Choose Your Desired Vehicle

Select the vehicle that suits your needs, and it's yours! In most cases, we can have you driving a new car in as little as 48 hours.

About Us

Welcome to Switch Gear Auto – Your Auto Loan Specialists!

With over 18 years of expertise combined, Switch Gear Auto is your trusted partner in securing auto loans for individuals across Canada. We collaborate with reputable dealerships nationwide, ensuring you hassle-free access to car loans, regardless of your credit history.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Focus: We specialize in making it happen for you to own your dream car, understanding your unique needs and challenges.

Extensive Network: Our wide network of dealerships guarantees diverse vehicle options and favorable financing terms.

Simplicity & Transparency: We simplify the process, handle paperwork, and offer transparent, personalized solutions tailored to you.

Exceptional Service: Our dedicated team is here to guide you at every step, making your car loan experience smooth and stress-free.

Ready to drive your dream car? Contact Switch Gear Auto today and let’s make it happen!

Access To Over 250,000 Vehicles Daily!

Buy With Confidence From Our Extensive Dealership Network

What Customers Are Saying

Switch Gear Auto made getting our new car super easy! They helped us fill out some paperwork for a car loan, and because they know a lot about it, we got the car we really wanted. We're really, really happy with how things turned out!

Amarie Tolentino

Switch Gear Auto is a game-changer! I ran my credit down from shopping around trying to find the best deal. They explained the process and gave me a simple game plan to follow to get me where I needed to be to get my vehicle. Thank you to the team for being patient with me.

Angeloue Moonchild

I was so tired of the dealerships that I applied for all ghosted me after the process. Switch Gear Auto was the only dealership that kept me in the loop and educated me on what to do to position myself better for a vehicle. Thanks guys!

Rhonda David



ALL 4 & 2 Wheelers Available





A Dealership Is Where You Send Your Enemies.
Switch Gear Auto Leads Is Where You Send Your Friends!

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Uncertain about your current credit status? Worried about potential approval issues and the impact on your credit score? Let us handle the concerns. We'll assess your current situation and develop a plan to help you regain control, with no commitments required. Whether or not you decide to work with our network of dealerships now or in the future, you'll have a clear path to progress. We're excited to steer your credit and vehicle toward a promising future.

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